For a healthier life, harmony with yourself, a beautiful skin, successful layering and a guaranteed glow with a flawless complexion, to know our beauty secrets and follow us on Instalive.

Comment prolonger son bronzage à la rentrée ? quelques petites astuces pour garder une belle peau

Eclairez votre peau d 'une nouvelle jeunesse

Une cosmétologie exigeante, des produits performants

Voici plusseurs années que la ligne de cosmétiques Chateau Berger a vu le jour . Elle a été le fruit du travail de trois femmes , une mère Laurence Fogli et ses deux filles Lilou et Marion.

Rayonner à l'international

La marque familiale Marseillaise Chateau Berger continue son ascension

Lilou Fogli co fondatrice de Chateau Berger Cosmétiques, une ligne de cosmétiques innovante, anti- âge créée par 3 femmes une mère et ses deux filles

C 'est une formidable histoire familiale. Des projets il va y en avoir tout au long de la fin de l 'année ! L 'Emotion sera grande et nous allons étendre nos fragrances et y associer aussi de belles senteurs.

une brume rafraîchissante et hydratante à utiliser le matin,pendant la journée le soir après le démaquillage . une peau parfaitement hydratée, souple eu douce

la rédaction de WMAG a choisi deux produits extraordinaires de la gamme Château Berger cosmétiques

pour lisser les ridules du contour de l oeil cegel saura vous séduite

La brume d 'éclat à l 'acide hyaluronique à essayer au plus tôt !

Les nouveautés beauté pour être au top cet été protégé du soleil

L'Exfoliante permet de régénérer la peau grâce à son action d 'exfoliation accélérée et son hydratation intense

Saviez-vous qu’à petite dose, le soleil est bénéfique pour votre corps. Un bain de soleil de 15 à 30 minutes permet de faire le plein de la vitamine D. C’est grâce à cette fameuse vitamine que l’on retient le calcium. Elle est donc indispensable à la santé de nos os ! Alors le soleil oui, mais avec modération et bien protégé !

Lilou vous l'explique avec son Masque Beauté Velours

Découvrez Lilou dans sa salle de bain !

Lilou Fogli vous emmène dans sa salle de bain et aborde ses rituels beauté, l'importance du sport, sa marque de cosmétiques Château Berger et son parfum L'Emotion !

A radiant complexion all year round, our advice on how to get it

Mother's Day, an olfactory discovery ! You want to please her, give her elegance and timelessness: Emotion !

Mother's Day's not far away and we'll fill you in ! L'Emotion is a timeless perfume created by 2 generations for exceptional women.

Une gamme de cosmétiques par le spécialiste de la cosmétiques Chateau Berger

L'Exfoliante, a scrub that eliminates the dull complexion, this earthy and thick aspect, eliminates skin imperfections, lightens pigment spots and induces this "new skin" effect - Already unavoidable!

Choosing the right eye contour is essential to delay the first signs of aging.

The secret of the Fountain of Youth by Château Berger !

Discover all the answers you are looking for on the blog Château Berger Cosmétiques.

Find out everything you need to know about sun creams on our blog Château Berger Cosmétiques.

Did you know that ? Chateau Berger has worked for many years to create cosmetics that are suitable for 3 types of skin: mature, young, matt skin or porcelain !

Lilou Fogli is hyperactive in life. Author, actress, co-founder of Chateau Berger, wife and fulfilled mother, a woman of today! Advice, beauty, sports, cosmetics and perfume... confidences!

The first Fortin de Corbières, L'Estaque - Marseille

This party arrived in France in the 80s. Everyone has their say on this February 14th, but at the origin of the origin, it would come from the end of the Middle Ages, it's crazy no?!

Access a rare fragrance that remains in memory. A niche fragrance, irresistibly made for you!

Eurosud Swaton's unparalleled professionalism in insurance

Reveal your beauty with L'Emotion ! Timeless and above all unforgettable, your Château Berger perfume will be on sale in its Pop Up Store in Paris. For Valentine's Day, offer happiness!

She tells us her secrets... of well-being! Lilou Fogli shares her long-lasting friendship with Alexis Mabille, met at Dior's, her loss of weight, her favourite fashion hot tips with Inès de la Fressange, Roger Vivier, Stan Smith, Air Max, her Parisian and New York lifestyle and her Château Berger skincare ...

The fragrance "L'Emotion" will welcome all women at the Trophées de l'Economie a subtle fragrance combining ylang ylang with green mandarin to give this refreshing and modern note. In heart note, sambac jasmines, patchouli heart, rose, and in base note sandalwood, white musks, precious woods.

It is a family story as we love them, 3 women, 1 mother and her 2 daughters, 2 generations: Laurence, Lilou and Marion Fogli.

A perfume with such a feminine and sensual character created in Grasse in the rules of the art of high perfumery with a racy, somewhat powdery trail

Chateau Berger joins Enfendif sponsored by Professor Marcel Rufo. Laurence Fogli wanted to give meaning to the launch of her perfume "L'Emotion" by creating a bag spray to benefit the association Enfendif .

Valentine's Day under the sign of Emotion with Château Berger

It's every night... special Marseille in Paris !

The launch party of our perfume L'Emotion in Paris at this week's Gala !

The actress Charlotte Gabris uses the care of Château Berger!

The flash contour pocket in La Parisienne magazine !

The Château Berger team was gathered in Paris for the launch of its perfume! The whole Paris was also part of the party!

Caroline, Beautyaddict & parisienne has decided to create her blog in 2011 ! She works good plans and shares her findings in beauty, fashion and shopping !

Château Berger, a cosmetics brand... with results !

Actress Lilou Fogli launched her perfume L'Emotion with her mother, Laurence, and her sister, Marion.

We want everything, volume and shine ! A cosmetic range to dare to stay Young !

Do you know the Marseillaise brand ?

Be careful, you must always have a well cleansed skin before applying a treatment !

A place of well-being, a place of life dedicated to well-being, a hymn to life

A fragrance of character of the cult white flowers jasmine sambac, patchouli heart, ylang ylang, sandalwood, white musks, precious woods, an irresistibly refined modern and sensual feminine fragrance. We love it !

A floral smell mixed with green tangerine. "A haute couture olfactory dress that dresses all women."

May 2018 be a sweet and benevolent year!

Pure People - Mélanie Bernier with Lilou Fogli and her beloved Clovis Cornillac

A real olfactory dress "Emotion an irresistibly feminine fragrance

Paraben free, phenoxyethanol free and dermatologically tested

Discover an edition for life in favor of Enfendif!

The 10 pop up stores to discover in Paris... These brands to watch closely !

Elle magazine recommends Chateau Berger's youthful day concentrate, the must of the must !

Winter perfumes, among the great brands such as Dior, Chanel, Hermès, L'Emotion de Chateau Berger makes its place !

Mother to daughter advice: "I suggest they get up at least ten minutes earlier in the morning to give themselves a moment and take care of their skin. It's the key to maintaining facial radiance."

Small inventory of Lilou Fogli's travel bag... never without her Château Berger creams!

Laucnh of L'Emotion, an irresistibly feminine and sensual perfume. A fragrance with personality.

The profits are donated to the Enfendif association, an association fighting against anorexia.

Dominique Ragazzon talks about Chateau Berger Cosmétiques.

William Leymergie and team highlight fair trade gift and our 8ml perfume L'Emotion to the advantage of Enfendif sponsored by Marcel Rufo

Come to the first Parisian pop up store from December 18th to 20th in the Marais. Many gifts ideas. Make your family and friends happy.

Lots of work to create L'Emotion, a meaningful perfume.

The birth of a fragrance, a modern and sensual juice.

Mom's advice ! How to plump your skin in no time !

A new fragrance by Chateau Berger. Discovery of L'Emotion bottle and scent !

Chateau Berger has already a cosmetic line and now their new perfume is born.

We offer ourselves the new Sea and Spa protocol to decompress deeply before the holiday marathon ! Sea route, jet shower, Himalayan salt scrubs, energy modelling, and facial drainage. A beautiful Christmas present before it's time !

The sea naturally complicits in your well-being. Quality cosmetic products. Beauty that heals.

Our pop up store will be on from December 18th to 20th 2017 !

Best perfumes selection by Made by Frenchies

La Provence's Thophies of the Economy

Working closed to the best perfumers in Grasse, we explained to them our desires driven by our emotions and intuitions rather than trend. We did not want a floral perfume but a fragrance of character, modern, sensual and irresistibly feminine. We named it L'Emotion.

A perfume that was created with the very best noses in Grasse in France.

The front page of the newspaper La Provence shows that the football Club OM upgraded to second place in Ligue 1. The last page is about the last clues of the mystery L'Emotion by Chateau Berger Cosmetiques ! A fantastic day for inhabitants of Marseilles !

This week, I had the chance to live a beauty moment. I have discovered Château Berger ! "Beauty at any age" 5 strong points of Château Berger Cosmétiques ! Hyaluronic acid as a star... Effectiveness of hyaluronic acid to plump up, to dentify and moisturize is not a secret anymore !

Christel Engström from Obsession Luxe is sharing her beauty experience at Château Berger !

How to put a mask ? for how long ? why ? do not forget the top of your hands and low-cut neckline ?

Chateau Berger Cosmetics is at Printemps in Marseille at Les Terrasses du Port.

Do we need a day cream and a night cream ? Why ? How to preserve your skin ?

Lilou gives you pieces of advice on anti-aging treatment. What to do, why and when to start.

Château Berger in the "skin care for every skin type" section! Many novelties !

Thank you for being so many to enjoy our flash contour Pocket. The latest addition to the Château Berger Cosmétiques line, the Flash Contour Pocket (29 EUR) takes care of the eye contour - and even the lips if necessary. A hydrating and plumping care, which becomes all the more essential as it knows is discreet in the bag!

Soft skin and perfect hydration. Le Gommage Satinant - Gommage Actif Corporal, 200 grams - Chateau Berger Cosmetiques, 36 EUR - Jocelyne, 43: "The texture of this scrub is fine enough not to irritate the skin. His extra good thing: hydration! It's the first time I don't put cream on when I get out of the shower, yet my skin stays well nourished!"

Sublimate your look, blur your wrinkles and fine lines, smile and rejuvenate! This smoothing tensor gel from the Chateau Berger Cosmetics range combines freshness and effectiveness by intensely hydrating and plumping the fine lines around the eyes and lips. It is suitable for ladies and gentlemen, and its Pocket format allows you to have it close to you in all circumstances !

This powerful 1h40 treatment combines energizing mask and massages with revitalizing and moisturizing effects. It draws its effectiveness by soliciting the powerful active ingredients with hydrating, firming, protective, antioxidant, anti-aging virtues, and insufflates with the skin the necessary energy which it needs to fight the marks of time. This treatment preserves the skin's youthfulness and helps it to regain its elasticity and firmness

A dazzling look, blurred fine lines, we love it! What do the eye and lip areas have in common ? The finesse of the skin, quite simply, taken by assault by kisses and winks. To avoid sultry eyes and streaked smiles, the microcirculation of these areas is nourrished and boosted with high-performance active and lifting ingredients (acacia gum, rhizobium, hyaluronic acid, etc.).

"Beauty has no age." It is with this universal idea that Château Berger cosmetics set itself the mission of allowing each woman to keep her youth as long as possible. By focusing on volume and radiance, these magicians care will day after day redensify the dermis, revive the hydration mechanisms, unify the skin texture to give it a plumpy, fresh and luminous effect.

SUNBODY SPF 30 with hyalurinic acid and E vitamin

Objective: reduce and smooth fine lines around the eye area Tensor Gel - Immediate Smoothing Effect For her as, for him

Experience and expertise for this anti-aging cosmetic line with a high percentage of natural active ingredients.

The essentials to ensure the skin is perfectly moisturized and protected.

Pomegranate extract is a juicy fruit, bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols that have a regenerating power impossible to circumvent for the skin and that allow to fight against the signs of the age but not only !

Moisturizing effect, detox effect anti-aging effect plumpy effect. Velvet Beauty Mask fills in fine lines and plumps up the skin

Perfect use of Chateau Berger Cosmetics products throughout the shooting of Belle et Sébastien 3

Adopt the intense anti-oxidant radiance serum combined with the velvet beauty mask based on hyaluronic acid to restore the skin's volume and radiance.

Chateau Berger official partner of the special 'Avant Premiere' evening of the film CHACUN SA VIE by Claude Lelouch.

Château Berger and its wellness center. Thank you Alice Pol!

Effective products to face free radicals and tackle skin aging.

A line of cosmetics from the latest techniques of aesthetic medicine. Our products are used in pre and post surgery plastic surgery.

A dazzling look ! An effective care to bring to the contour of the eye.

In the mountains as in the sea, high-performance spf 30 or spf 50 creams for a sublime tan and perfectly protected skin.

Original and formidable marriage which united the class, the beauty of the collection Ines de la Fressange and the rigour of our cosmetic products Château Berger.

Go to the end of the world and don't forget your Château Berger travel kit is a must travel with !

A partnership of madness! An elegant collection A Japanese giant Beauty, elegance, originality! go for Uniqlo

Summer Beauty Special Become addict to sun oil. Sublime, protective and bewitching with a delicate and melting sensoriality. An incomparable result, a resplendent and silky skin.

A beautiful journey made, a beautiful birth, 3 women to make us discover this sublime mark through the campaign Uniqlo - Inès de la Fressange - Château Berger

A care line to meet your needs

Science, innovation and passion to create a powerful range. For men too...... allies beauty in everyday life.

Ines de la Fressange - Uniqlo - Château Berger Excellence, Beauty and Originality.

An original campaign combining the beauty, originality and elegance of Inès de la Fressange

Quality and creativity, the art of taking care of yourself is a profession.

Protective and anti-ageing sunscreens. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for intense moisture*.

Bright tones, a sunny day, a beach bag, warm sand... bewitching sunscreens... the memory of a summer day full of light and colour.

To know all the trends of the moment. On September 8th, be one of the first to choose Ines de la Fressange's mixed wool shed and see you offer this magnificent beauty kit Château Berger so that your skin looks radiant.

Shopping'issime Château Berger "The excellence of anti-aging care"

Refreshing and divinely mentholated men's cream. A unique cream entirely dedicated to men

Bringing a new look to cosmetics with a rigorous care line, bursting with natural active ingredients in high concentration or each moment of use is a sensory and olfactory surprise. Two generations, three skin types, the campaign was filmed and remains a fantastic memory for Laurence, Lilou and Marion. A moment of sharing, laughter & complicity !
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