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Do you know all about sunscreens ?

Does a sunscreen expire ?

On a sunscreen, always check the small symbol that indicates the number of months your formula has been stored. But even if you have exceeded the date, do not throw away your cream immediately. It may still be effective, if it does not smell bad, if it has not changed appearance and if it has not separated into several liquids (if it is not out of phase). It depends on what your cream contains. It is essential that it protects against UVA and UVB filters, hence the importance of reading the instructions carefully. To preserve them to the maximum, avoid leaving them in full sun. It is best to store them in a cool, dry place, so no, sun cream does not necessarily expire.

Should we use sunscreen if it's cloudy ?

YES. A cloudy veil lets through more than 90% of ultraviolet rays.

UVA and UVB, what's the difference ?

UV are ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.
UVB rays cause sunburn. They are obviously the meanest.
But beware of UVAs! Their wavelengths are longer and therefore less visible. They're more vicious. They penetrate deep into the skin up to the dermis. UVA and UVB rays accelerate skin aging. Expose yourself to the sun in moderation and with a good sun cream!

Does a sunblock really exist ?

The answer is no. We can't stop the light completely. On the other hand, the sunscreen protects completely from UVB but not entirely from vicious UVA.

How often should I use sun cream ?

If you stay outside, you should use a sun cream every two hours and especially after each swim.

Does a sunscreen prevent from tanning ?

Be careful, sunscreen have been designed to protect you from sunburn or other aggressions but not to prevent you from tanning. So yes we can tan with protection ! Unless you stay 10 hours making 'doughnuts' on the beach... no cream can save you. Be reasonable!

Which sunscreen index to choose ?

The index is chosen according to the sunshine and the skin. You can click on the link below which takes you to the Doctissimo site. The picture is very clear and very well done.  The best advice: apply your cream every 2 hours. Just because the index is strong doesn't mean your cream protects longer! It's never good to stay in full convict. It is better to wear a hat, glasses and light clothing if you spend the day on the beach. A parasol is a good option.

Can I use the same sunscreen at sea as in the mountains ?

Not quite... In the mountains, UV will reverberate in the snow, much more than in the sea or sand. And the higher you go, the more UV you get. That is why it is necessary to put a sun cream with a strong index and to put back regularly (every two hours). We tend to forget because of the cold, so be careful. But if the sky is overcast protect yourself.

Are organic sunscreens better ? https://www.lexpress.fr/styles/soins/que-penser-des-cremes-solaires-bio_1906765.html

Is there a real difference between a face sunscreen and a body sunscreen?

Not really, at least not when it comes to sun protection. On the other hand, face sunscreens are more comfortable in terms of texture.

Which sunscreen to apply on a scar ?

It is necessary to protect a recent scar from the sun otherwise it risks to be pigmented. Simply apply a thick layer of cream with a strong protection factor.

Do you put a sunscreen on a tanning bed ?

Yes ! But a special cream adapted to artificial UV. A regular sunscreen if it is not perfectly spread (which is very often the case) can leave stains.

Is sunscreen anti-wrinkle?

By definition a sunscreen is an anti-wrinkle. If you protect yourself from the sun, you will inevitably reverse the effects of skin aging. Some creams also have powerful anti-aging effects: anti-oxidant and anti-glycation. They will neutralize free radicals and repair DNA from skin cells.

Should you scrub your skin to tan better ?

Yes. The scrub eliminates dead cells and thus refines the skin texture. Smooth and clean, your skin will tan better! We can't tell you enough, but don't forget to moysturise !

Can sunscreen replace day cream ?

Yes it can. But if you want maximum hydration, it is always recommended to put a day cream, then your sunscreen.

Sunscreen or oil ?

The choice is yours ! The oils are now very effective and also protect you from the sun. Just look at the index.

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