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Achieving results visible on the skin is also the guarantee of its rejuvenation

The Value ​​and Benefits of our Care Products

Natural Ingredients: the marine extracts included in the composition of our products, such as brown algae, green algae and plankton, are a true fountain of youth. Vegetable extracts from plants, fruits and flowers and vegetable oils are selected with the greatest care. Each formula is therefore a subtle blend of natural ingredients, containing no paraffin or phenoxyethanol, dermatologically tested by expert plastic surgeons: A range that suits all skin types, for specific treatments or daily care.

Technical Qualities: our products are genuine care treatments, formulated through the synergy of highly concentrated natural active ingredients for optimum efficiency. Innovative molecules are associated with them for an even better result.

An Olfactory Sensory Dimension: a creamy texture and subtle scent make every beauty gesture a true sensory experience. Your enjoyment of the fragrance is compounded with the feeling when it is applied to the skin. The specific nature and quality of the textures are essential

Staying Young: through targeting cell failure and restoring the skin barrier for optimal hydration*, our creams enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin and delays the onset of wrinkles, increasing penetration with quicker visible results. The skin is more beautiful, intensely plumped and replenished. Lines are smoothed and the skin texture is refined, giving the face a healthy glow.

Our Ranges

The Chateau Berger Cosmetics range is based on hyaluronic acid and originates from cosmetic medicine techniques able to reproduce effective anti-aging properties for an immediate beauty boost.

Facial Care

Your beauty friends


Our products benefit from the effectiveness of carefully selected natural ingredients, precious know-how and sublime textures. A whole range of active ingredients burst into the skin to protect and regenerate the cell cycles undermined by stress, fatigue, pollution, smoking and aging. And for special occasions, the prestige facial care range will be a popular beauty gift.

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Body care

Efficiency and pleasure are part of a gentle approach


Keep its firmness with an active scrub and firming milk to preserve the beauty and pleasure of the body, compensating for dehydration, which increases with time. These treatments meet the skin's needs when it loses tone and elasticity.

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Skincare for Men

A single cream with multiple benefits


A popular treatment that adapts to different male needs in a single cream, with a custom fragrance that opens the way to a feeling of comfort, suppleness and freshness. A unique formula with aloe vera, extract of lychee, samphire, baobab oil, menthol and vitamin E for a healthy natural look, leaving the skin beautifully matte.

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Sun Care

Protective and captivating sun care


Sunface SPF 30 is a city version sunscreen. This day cream is a real protective shield with a matte finish to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun all year round.
Sunbody SPF 30 and SPF 10 sun oil guarantee a healthy tan, keeping the skin perfectly protected and moisturized*.

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Their Ingredients

Their many virtues give our
products exceptional properties...

Chateau Berger products benefit from the natural resources of precious,
rich, high-performance ingredients and high quality research in the formulations.

Acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid

The highly effective plumping agent.
Hyaluronic acid is a major moisturizing*, plumping agent in the world of cosmetics and omnipresent in our products to provide moisture for skin at the surface and boost its in-depth moisturizing mechanisms. It is an essential constituent of the dermis, like collagen and elastin. Like a real sponge, it retains water in the tissues and can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in water. Its antioxidant qualities give it a role in fighting against external aggressions. Elastic and rich in water, it restores firmness to the skin by restoring density to its surface.

Les oligo-éléments

Trace Elements

Condensed nutritional values. These subtle energy nutrients, such as iron, copper and zinc, combine multiple functions. They are true catalysts, active in the structure of cells and tissues to provide vitality and tonus. Essential to the body and in minute quantities, they have a beneficial effect on cell life and its constituents.

Les extraits marins

Marine Extracts

From the Sea to your Face
The marine extracts in their composition are a true fountain of youth, offering improved nutrition and skin cell purification. Plankton, brown algae, green algae, sea fennel and sea campion lend synergies to our formulas, depending on their specific properties and are unrivalled allies. Rich in minerals, vitamins C and E, amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements, they are powerful antioxidants. Alga has a structure close to that of skin, which improves our creams’ absorption of their contents and gives a breath of fresh air to the skin.

Extraits naturels végétaux

Natural Plant Extracts

Plants have exceptional virtues, nourishing and treating the skin. Selected for their quality, their rich active ingredients and their many properties, they act on the skin in different ways: regulation, repair, (Centella asiatica restores skin support fibres) and protection.

Huiles végétales

Vegetable Oils

Real Treasures for the Skin.
Vegetable oils are a must. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, they feed the skin and prevent dehydration*. They penetrate the epidermis, protecting it by restoring the hydro-lipid film, which is a natural defensive barrier to restore skin radiance and smoothness. With their softening, regenerating and toning action, vegetable oils play an important part in skin moisturizing and protection.

Les eaux florales

Floral Waters

Floral waters are waters from flowers or leaves, obtained from the distillation of plants.
Floral waters have purifying, clarifying, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic and regenerative virtues. The concentration of active molecules in floral water is lesser and they can therefore be used by almost anyone, with few precautions. They respect the pH of the skin without irritating it and are suitable for the most delicate skin.



Vitamins are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. They are used in the majority of our textures and bring many benefits to the skin. Like Vitamin A (skin texture, appearance, thickness, elasticity), Vitamin C (stimulates collagen synthesis, lightening the skin), and often used in synergy with vitamin E (for elasticity and moisturizing) and vitamin B5 (for dermal repair).

Les peptides : « des boosters »

Peptide "Boosters"

These active ingredients are amino acid chains that act in depth and are used in synergy with other anti-aging ingredients. They are "boosters" for cell renewal (collagen and elastin), light sensors and tensors to reduce expression lines (Botox-like), able to block the receptors responsible for muscle contraction, so that the muscle stays relaxed.

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