The Brand

This is the secret of youth that resists the experience of time, like a beautiful family story.

Our History

This outstanding product range was developed in the Château Berger in Marseille, in a context where rigor was combined with broad experience in spas and cosmetic surgery. Thus was born the "Beauty at any age" concept, bringing together two generations, on the initiative of a mother and her two daughters.

The desire to achieve, along with passion and creativity, motivated Laurence Fogli and her daughters to create the Chateau Berger Cosmetics range together. The choice of combining the performance of natural ingredients with the rigor of cosmetic surgery, along with the expertise of a renowned surgeon in the person of her husband, gave these skincare products in-depth action, offering every woman renewed youth.

They are genuine beauty rituals, formulated through the synergy between carefully selected natural active ingredients and used in high concentrations for optimum efficiency. Each time they are used is an authentic olfactory sensory experience.

Lilou, an actress, is the face of the brand. Marion showcases the products. Both take care of communication. Add the ingredients of feeling good, determination and passion to this and you get a real cosmetics institution.

Our slogan

« Dare to stay young! »

Dynamic cosmetology creates a daily beauty ritual, offering the skin all the brightness and density of youth.

Our Values

Focussed high standards and performance

  • A range of care products created in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and science in its own right- an intimate link between our creams and skin
  • A family brand 100% made in France
  • Natural plant-based ingredients
  • Products without paraffin or phenoxyethanol, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals
  • A range developed through medical expertise in collaboration with a team of chemists, following a set of very specific, ambitious technical specifications.

Our products have been developed on the advice and guidance of doctors and cosmetic surgeons who use them for both pre- and post-operative care.

Our Identity

« I found my inspiration in daily life, in the expectations of demanding customers in the spa, in the rigorous practice of my husband, a plastic surgeon and the specific requests of my daughters.
Working closely with them has produced an extraordinarily dynamic complementarity.
Our vision of beauty is that youth is a valuable asset that must be protected and maintained. 

We hope you have as much fun discovering our range as we had in creating it. »
Laurence Fogli

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